Anonymous asked:

Do you mind if people use your artworks as reference in order to practice but don't "credit" you (because they forgot or some reasons like that)? or how do you usually act when people copy/trace your artworks :O?! It's interesting to know how different artist act like in such a situation

Hi Anon! Great question, had to think this one through a little.

When I was a bit younger, I used to get really angry whenever people copy/trace. It just felt really personal, and sort of like a violation of my trust. These days, not as much. Certainly not happy about it, but I usually just contact the person to talk to them in private. There are certain instance that still upsets me a lot, but it doesn’t happen as often anymore. 

As for just referencing/practicing, I generally don’t mind as long as it’s not a carbon copy. Of course I’m the happiest when they mention/link me (since I really like seeing how different people interpret my chicken-scratch). But we’re all human, so it’s okay!

kirostyle asked:

Haiden Ahrkias in 86~



Thanks for the request Kiro<3333 I really appreciate it!!(bigger version)

Included Kirin too because I promised Kay a drawing of these two forever ago—/SHOT (OTPPPPPPPPPPPPP ヾ(@* ▽ *@)ノ!!!!!)


OMG PIEBEAR THEY’RE SO FRIGGIN BEAUTIFUL SKDLFJSDKLJF forever more beautiful when you draw them cries a metric shittonne. I love how you used the colors and HER OUTFIT IS SO CUTE!!!!!hgnnn please teach me how to draw faces omg please draw more in general I miss your arts T-T

Thank you for drawing them piebear I seriously didn’t want to pressure you I was just joking around BUT I’M GLAD YOU DREW THEM BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING AND YOU ARE AMAZING AND OUR OTP IS AMAZING AND LIFE IS AMAZING


I was gonna reblog this earlier but mood was ruined a little and I wanted you to know HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS without the other thing dragging it down.