milk-cup asked:

Honestly... I think I found my new favorite artist! I loooove the way you draw it's both so fluffy and "sharp" at the same time! I stalked your page a bit and maaaan, you're so nice and sweet to your followers too ;///A///;/) can i just love you??? Anyway, seeing your art makes me wanna draw something again - something I havent done in ages... I mean properly done in ages! Thanks for being such an inspiration! PS: I guess Meiyuji means sth like "my art"? Even that sounds beautiful OTL HOW?! ;u;"

omg thank you so much!!!!! ;;

Seriously thank you so much for the extremely sweet message! You’re so kind and I hope you will draw again soon!

Meiyuji (梅雨季) actually means “plum rain season”, i just really love rain so picked this name randomly aha/////