Anonymous asked:

Hii! :D I think this will annoy you a little but I've read that you're going to draw some tutorial... n.n And I was wondering when you're going to post it...

Ahh sorry! Hope my last upload kinda explained why it’s so slow. The last tutorial I made was really easy to do because it was a step-by-step character type commission.

These days I do a lot of background painting and it’s hard to actually show step-by-step so I have to do a lot of extra work. 

Sorry about the wait!

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love your art *v* And If I can, I would like to ask you, how long does it take you to complete an art? I am really slow you see, and was simply wondering

Thank you anon! <3 Don’t worry, I’m super slow too…

Of course! Generally ranges on my comfort level I think! For something simple and relatively comfortable for me, it’s 2-3 hours (pretty slow already…), and if something I struggle with like this, it’s around 7-10 hours I think! For stuff that I actually have to deal with anatomy (always hard for me), it’s anywhere from 10-15 hours.

I’m really impatient so nothing really goes past that range. The numbers are rough estimates but it’s always around those ballparks.

Hope that helped! 

Anonymous asked:

Do you have Twitter? :3


Thank you for asking! I actually deactivated my twitter a few years ago! But the closest I have is my IG (@birdstonshire), which I’ve been trying to update more frequently!

Anonymous asked:

Waaah ur art is so amazing! You should really do a speed paint! I want to see your genius in action *o*

Thank you so much! Ahah everyone’s been asking me to do video but I’ve been having trouble with my desktop (the only one that has SAI) since it’s old. Maybe if I feel comfortable enough with my laptop/PS I can do some videos!

But honestly my biggest fear is that I will disappoint once everyone sees how many mistakes I make and how many times I repaint and fix….. 

clockwork-constellation asked:

I want to marry your art. ;-; It's beautiful and I hope your day is going well! I have several questions if you don't mind me asking. Have you ever drawn any especially masculine men – like muscles and stuff? I'd love to see that! Or just men. Like men in traditional flowy Chinese garb and long silky hair with pretty hair pins uwu. Stuff like that is my favorite. Anywaaay, this is just me wondering about men. I love your work and you're really nice ♡.

Oh thank you so much! I hope your day is going well too eheh!

Actually…not in a long time! Since I stopped taking classes I guess! I’ve been trying to train myself to get out of my comfort zone though, and will try to study muscles more! :) And haha I like flowy Chinese garb and long hair too, will definitely try to do more of that! Awesome suggestion!

Thanks again, you’re super sweet! :))))